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S#5 Isaac Sheldon Family Group Sheet 2

Name: Isaac (I) SHELDON
Sex: Male 

Individual Facts  
Birth 1629 England, United Kingdom
Death 27 Jul 1708 (about age 79) Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
SheldNo  S0005
CompNo  I1

1. Mary WOODFORD (1636-1684)  
Marriage 1653 (about age 24) Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Children Mary Woodford SHELDON (1654-1728) 
 Isaac SHELDON Jr. (1656-1712) 
 John SHELDON (1658-    ) 
 Thomas SHELDON (1661-1725) 
 Ruth SHELDON (1663-1728) 
 Thankful SHELDON (1663-1741) 
 Mindwell SHELDON (1666-1735) 
 Joseph SHELDON (1668-1708) 
 Hannah SHELDON (1670-    ) 
 Eleazer SHELDON (1672-1673) 
 Samuel SHELDON (1675-1745) 
 Ebenezer SHELDON (1677-1755) 
 Mercy SHELDON (1681-1681) 
2. Mehetable (Ensign) GUNN (1644-1720)  
Marriage 1686 (about age 57) Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
Children Jonathan SHELDON (1687-1769) 


Notes: Isaac (I) SHELDON
General: Comment – An Original Ancestor. Res.:Windsor, CT & MA
Source – SFA correspondence file.
References – I001,I006
History of the town of Dorchester For the Antiquarian Society 1859. By E. Clapp Jr. p. 98
Isaac Shelden was in Dorchester 1634. He removed to Windsor as early as 1640 from thence to Northampton, MA. 
— from Timeline of progenitors by Rose Sheldon Newton — reunion hand-out–
1639 – Corbin Collection Vol II part II NEGHS Northampton Early Families- says “Isaac came from Eng with Rev. Hewitt to Windsor CT this year.” (He would have been 10yr) Finally the reference! From Sheldon Craddock of NV!
1640 – an 1859 History of Dorchester says Isaac in Dorchester in 1634- rem to Windsor, CT as early as 1640″  ref: Charlotte Alling Hunt – Isaac Sheldon of Windsor, CT NE Hist Gen Gen of CT Families.     Ref: ?
p. 16 On the 4th of March 1629, Massachusettes charter granted early in May. Three Ships sailed for Isle of Wight for Salem with 300 passengers from thence to Northampton.
Shelton was a minister. Entirely taken up by passengers from Weymouth and Dorchester, England.
p. 147 of Clapps History of Dorchester  List of those who lived – town who had reached the age of 21 years up to the year 1700 in addition to those lists already given.   Name: Joseph Shelton.
That Isaac was a wheelwright is found p.89 Family & Landscape, Deerfield Homelots from 1671 by Susan McGowan and Amelia F. Miller 1996. Pocumtuck Memorial Valley Association.  ISBN 1-882374-01-0.   SFA contributed to the publishing cost and Sheldon Members attended.  Quote from p. 89 for Lot 18 Home original owner John ffarington d. 1676.  “Farrington returned to Dedham in 1675, in 1683 his son, Eleazer (b.1660)of Boston, a cordwainer,sold his father’s homelot to Isaac Sheldon Sr. 1629-1708 of nearby Northampton, a wheelwright.”
S0005 Isaac SHELDON was in Windsor, Connecticut in 1652 per a September 13, 1652 entry in Windsor, Connecticut “Town Acts” 1650-1714, Folio II.  This is the earliest, extant, primary evidence of his being in America.  In addition to his listing on page 1 in the Sheldon Magazine which was first published at Loudenville, Ashland County, Ohio in 1855, numerous papers and articles have been written about him, some of which give speculation and opinion about his ancestry, others showing his history in New England.   Among the various publications concerning S0005 Isaac Sheldon are these:
1., ” Various Ancestral Lines of James Goodwin & Lucy {Morgan) Goodwin” by Frank Farnsworth Starr, Volume II, Morgan Lines, pub. 1915;  
2., “The Sheldons of Bakewell, Derbyshire, England and Isaac Sheldon of New England” by J. Gardner Bartlett, pub. October 1926;   (Shows Isaacs family from Bakewell area ENG)
Ralph Sheldon and Barbara Stone marriage in Bakewell Parish Records, ENG. Shows Isaac and his brothers Samuel and Solomon were left legacies by their grandfather  Arthur. Isaac did not collect, nor is it known if his brothers did. (Notes from descendants of Isaac’s brother come from Australia 2009 to Rose S. Newton.)
3., “Isaac Sheldon of Windsor, Conn.,” by S4760x32 Charlotte A. Hunt, pub. N.E.H.G.R., April 1963;  (Charlotte studied early papers of Windsor and made a great conclusion.)
4., “Founders of Early American Families” by Meredith B. Colket, revised edition pub. 1985;  5. “In Defense of J. Gardner Bartlett” by S9309x22 Shirley Rider, pub. 1992.  Copies of all of these works, except Colket;s, are on the the SFA Publication List and available from the catalogue in the Association Quarterly or online at
S8972x341 Keith M. Sheldon SFA Genealogist 04-09-2001 and RoseSheldon Newton April 2005, SFA Genealogist.
Notes from Rose Sheldon Newton SFA Genealogist  2004
Starrs’ work is a classic in New England Genealogy.
Bartletts’ work was commissioned by Frank Sheldon a wealthy cousin. Bartlett was an eminent genealogist in his lifetime.  Sheldon Family Association was given permission to reprint this work for their publications by Franks’ family.  Shirley Rider has added a page of sources that she extracted from the article in the report, of places in England Bartlett researched while in England. It stands as the standard thesis on Isaac Sheldon until further documentation is found. (in 2008 ongoing paid research is underway in England by the Association, and contact is maintained between Sheldon Genealogists in England seeking to get as organized as the American Sheldon Association.  Rose S. Newton.
 Charlotte Hunt a former President of Sheldon Association looked at original New England records for Isaac when he bought land and a house.  Her work is excellent, published in a national Genealogical Periodical,  and sold in Sheldon Family Association Publications.  All of us wonder where Ralph Sheldon and Barbara Stone, parents of Isaac finally landed.  I have visited and researched in Barbados where ships stopped and they are not in the graveyard there.  The Name Samuel was marked out and Ralph written in on the “license to pass over the sees”.   They do not show up in Stone genealogies or cemeteries here or in England.  However, Isaac had enough money to buy a house with a friend when he became of age.  Someone took care of him if they died at sea.  Evidence of that is what we seek. Bartletts notes need to be revisited in the Boston library for further clues as well as papers in the Windsor, CT collection. A Windsor librarian spoke at a Sheldon reunion and mentioned some papers about Isaac, promised to go back to them and copy or cite the exact words is working with the 2012 Reunion committee.. (Rose Newton 2010)
“The marriage of Ralph Sheldon and Barbara Stone was at Bakewell  27 April 1629.
“Ralph Sheldon was born at Ashford, in the parish of Bakewell Co. Derby, about 1605, probably died at sea in 1651.  The registers of Ashford before 1687 are lost, the record of his baptism has not been found; but he was evidently the eldest child of his parents and , as his younger brothers, Samuel Sheldon and Solomon Sheldon, married in 1656 ad 1657 respectively, it is apparent that he was born as early as 1630.   By will of his grandfather, Arthur Sheldon dated 10 June 1651, he was to receive a legacy of L8; and this provision in his grandfather’s will is the only record of him that has been found in England. “
Ref:  Genealogist J.Gardner Bartlett p. 20 The Sheldons of Bakewell, Derbyshire England and Isaac Sheldon of New England. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register Oct 1926.   (Pages 1-25) Until other records are found, this remains the definitive record on Isaac Sheldon.  Isaac never collected an inheritance left him in England.
I have recently received communication from one of Isaacs’s brother’s children’s descendants, but they also are seeking information.  Descendant of  Samuel or Solomon-he is researching to document which– live in Australia and write to Rose Sheldon Newton – 2010.
Rose Sheldon Newton SFA genealogist 2005-
President 1985-1997
Mary Woodford was daughter of Thomas Woodford & Mary Blott
b. ca 1600 England, liv. Roxbury, MA
d. 6 Mar 1666/67  Northampton, Hampshire, MA
of Robert Blott b. ENG  and Susanna Black who d. Boston.
Mary Woodford is ancestress of Diana Princess of Wales, ref American Ancestors and Cousins of the Princess of Wales, by Gary Boyd Roberts, Gen. Pub Co. Baltimore, MD 1984, LCC No: 84-81095  ISSN 0-8063-1085-5
Biography of a Town: Suffield, Connecticut 1670-1970, by Robert H. Alcorn, which was published in conjunction with the town’s 300th anniversary celebration in 1970.
A History of Windsor quote:: “1638 Rev. Ephraim Hewitt met Rev. White, guardian of Isaac
Sheldon.” P. 10 Rev John White the Dorchester Emigration 1634 – Booklet-the Settlement of
Windsor, Conn. 350th Anniv. Commission says they are still looking for the source for the guardian statement.  (Don’t know if it was Stiles or another.)  ref: Marie Sheldon Hine Beginnings Along Ye Greate River. Rec. 19 Apr 2012
Rose Newton 20 Apr 2012
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 16:05:50 -0400
Subject: Re: Isaac Sheldon tidbit reference page 10 reference in book received yesterday
Hi Rose,
Judd Mss Vol IV  p. 478 Northampton Genealogies states:
Isaac Sheldon came from England with Rev. Ephraim Hewet of Windsor, 1639.
That’s the first citation about Hewit (Hewett) I found when I did my search about Isaac years ago. Ran into it recently when doing research on the Woodford family.
Judd does not give his source.   : ((   But…if Judd records this he had good reason.
He never put anything down that he did not find in a primary source.
Best,   Elise

Samuel Rockwell married S1071 Sarah Sheldon, daughter of Remembrance.
One Samuel Rockwell and Isaac Sheldon built a house. Samuel married first and bought Isaacs portion. Isaac built a home for Mary Woodford when they married

 1. Sheldon Family Association Genealogy Records and Files. Isaac.